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      Megan Balestrino

      Gravity Breaker
      by Jonathan R. Miller

      Gravity Breaker : Click Here

      • Format: paperback
      • Author: Jonathan R. Miller
      • Language: english
      • Release date: July 2020
      • ISBN: 9781532837005 (1532837003)
      • Genres: fiction

      About The Book

      For Isaac Williams, nothing comes easy and never has. But all that’s about to change. During a routine encounter with a police officer in Oakland, Isaac makes a life-altering realization: He can use gravity to do almost anything. To build or destroy. To lift up or hold in place. To bend, straighten, or break apart.

      Isaac is suddenly in command of a power beyond his wildest imagination, the power to reshape the world around him, something that he’s struggled to do his entire life. Filled with newfound hope, Isaac immerses himself in the experimentation process: testing his limits, broadening his skill set, and refining his control, all in secret.

      But Isaac is forced to reveal the extent of his capabilities when his eleven-year-old daughter is attacked, which sets in motion a series of events that strips him of everything he’s worked so hard for: his child, his job, and his home. Pursued relentlessly by the authorities, Isaac is forced to use his abilities in increasingly dramatic and dangerous ways to avoid capture and reunite with his daughter, ultimately learning that the power he wields — though enviable — comes at a deeply unenviable price.

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