(PDF) Hacked (Hacked) by Tracy Alexander

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      Betzua Achrijoli

      by Tracy Alexander

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      • Format: paperback, 288 pages
      • ISBN: 9781848124141 (1848124147)
      • Publisher: Piccadilly Press
      • First published: November 1, 2014
      • Genres: contemporary, suspense, fiction, thriller
      • Release date: November 6, 2014
      • Language: english
      • Series: Hacked
      • Author: Tracy Alexander

      About The Book

      Dan had been diagnosed as ADHD as a child. He quite liked the ritalin, but then he got into computers, and for his parents a geek was better than something feral. It was hard to remember when the genuine hacking started; but free phone credit was the first illicit, tangible “real-life” results of a hack, though not the last.

      By the time Dan is contacted online by “Angel,” he is eager for the challenge laid before him — creating tricky bits of code. But Dan begins to suspect that something more nefarious may be planned for his code than he thought. He will have to decide what truly matters more — protecting his anonymity and freedom or preventing a deadly terror attack …

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